Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us!

"Mike C. arrived to make my repairs. He worked diligently to locate the cuts and repair them. The second line had to be flushed due to dirt in the line. I'm happy to say all is in working condition now!
I would like to commend Mike C. on his work ethic and extend my gratitude for a job well done. He is very professional and a definite asset to your company."
— Darlene W. Oginski, Wyandotte, MI

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"We were so impressed with the young men who came to our house. They were knowledgeable and very polite. We look forward to seeing them again in the spring."
— Stuart Keeler, Grosse Ile, MI

"Wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone from your company for the prompt help you gave us in the repair of our sprinkler system. I was in the middle of a couple different projects last week when the doctor reported that I was going to get my neck surgically mended. You have helped us out with your prompt response and knowledge of how to repair sprinklers underneath new sidewalks. So Lisa, Marv and Joe, please accept my personal thanks for putting closure on this particular phase of this project."
— Steve Breen, Brownstown, MI

"Just a note to let you know what a fantastic job Mike C. did on our sprinkler system."
— Pam Cook, Allen Park, MI

"I want to express how appreciative we are for the way in which you do business. You have exceeded my expectations in every area of your work. Your punctuality, follow-through, quality and professionalism have been of the highest caliber from day one and continue to this day. I am also very thankful we chose you as our sprinkler installer and would feel very comfortable recommending you to my closest friends. Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future."
— John Perfetti, Twin Oaks Christian Church, Woodhaven, MI